Listen Up

Real questions. Real answers.

What quote has always stuck with you?
Girls, what was the most obvious hint you dropped, and the guy just didn't get it?
What was a huge trend that everyone forgot about?
The 16 year old version of you just moved in and is now your new roommate. What's the first thing you two would fight about?
There is a well known saying that goes "Always give the hardest job to the laziest person because they will find the easiest way to do it" what is the best real-life example to this you have seen?
If you had the entire world's attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?
What looks easy peasy lemon squeezy but is actually difficult difficult lemon difficult?
What's an invention that's still around today but has lost sight of its original purpose?
What's the fastest way to lose all of your friends?
The 2010's decade has just passed. What do you think people will remember this decade for?
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