Listen Up

Real questions. Real answers.

What should everyone try at least once in their life?
What is a hobby that requires little to no money?
What's some juicy gossip you just found out in your personal lives?
What's the most fucked up shit you've walked into?
What's the most kind/beautiful thing you've overheard about yourself by accident?
What's the biggest red flag when meeting new people?
How do you control yourself when you are full of rage and want to keep calm?
Which conspiracy theory is so believable that it might be true?
What's something that gets an unnecessary amount of hate?
Anthony Bourdain once said "There's a guy in my head, and all he wants to do is lay in bed all day long, smoke pot, and watch old movies and cartoons. My life is a series of strategems, to avoid, and outwit that guy". Who is "that guy" for you, and what do you do to avoid him?
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